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I’ve been thinking of so many people, circumstances, beauties for which I’m thankful. Another one came up a couple of days ago. I’m not only thankful for family, friends, missionaries we know, the beautiful young woman who keeps my hair trimmed month by month, the teachers in the school, particularly teachers of our dear grandson Charles Douglas Reeves–not only am I thankful for all of those but I’m very grateful for folks at our bank.

Two nights ago I received a call from a representative of our bank inquiring if I’d been in Florida recently, specifically Miami Beach. No, I answered cautiously, thinking What is this? The next question was whether or not I’d shopped at Walgreens that very day. No, I hadn’t been in Walgreens in a couple of weeks. Turns out, some card thief had stolen my debit card number–somehow!–and had made new card(s) with which he was charging up to $332 in Miami Beach. But the bank/card police caught on to what was happening and called me to verify. Yesterday I had to go to the bank and sign a paper releasing them to follow up on reimbursing my account.

It is frightening and appalling that thieves can do such things to us without ever leaving a fingerprint or strand of hair behind. But how wonderful that there are people watching out for us! Last night on the news I saw a security camera picking up on a woman’s using a stolen card in a store. How they detect these things is beyond my feeble brain to understand. But I’m so glad they do! The bank clerk to whom I spoke assured me my funds would be reimbursed. I thanked her as we bemoaned together on how terribly sharp these thieves are. They’re always devising new strategies, she said, so we have to work hard to try to counteract their evil.

So–one more group of people to add to my long list of folks to be thankful for. I haven’t here mentioned doctors, dentists, nurses, veterinarians, radiology technicians and all those health related people. But I’m thankful to them too!

Thank You, Lord, for the many unthanked heroes in my life!


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November 13, 2013 · 3:20 pm

Welcome to my new Blog! When I first heard about blogs I thought folks were talking about some kind of yucky muddy something! A blog? Combination of fog and mud maybe? Oh, well—!

I’ve been writing stories, poems, and essays since I was able to hold a pencil. I just love to write! I intend for it to be worth reading too! God gave me a love of words that I can’t disregard even though some days it feels as if I should “hang it up” because I’m no whiz on a computer. In fact, my computer repairman and my software guru both look with great pity on me! They sigh a lot and try so hard not to become impatient!

When I consider the spiritual gifts as St. Paul described them in I Corinthinans, I wonder if I have any. Have you ever felt that way? But I know God has given every child of His at least one spiritual gift. So I’ve studied a lot about what mine is and this is what it seems to be: I’m an encourager. I think maybe that’s what God handed me when I was six years old, though I was too little to know what to do with it. Now it seems like the gift that comes natural to me. I really do love to encourage people. I dearly love to make folks smile! But I’m not a comedian. I get really mixed up telling jokes. In spite of that, I was invited yesterday to speak to senior citizens because, I was told, “you will make them laugh.”

I’d just like to encourage each reader of this blog to look to Jesus when you’re in trouble. I’ve been in a long line of rough patches in the last two years–a house fire, breast cancer, and the sudden death of my 42-year-old daughter, to name the worst ones! And I can testify that God has floated, wrestled, pulled, hauled, lifted us through each one. I’m so thankful for my husband of almost 48 years. One of our little sayings when things get “hairy” is “heart to heart we can make it if we try,” words from an old country song.

I hope to share devotional thoughts, tips of the day, recipes, and a few small knitting patterns for things like Christmas bells. Consider me your back-fence neighbor!

Question of the day: What is something unusual you’ve seen today?

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November 5, 2013 · 8:20 pm