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Knitting for World Vision

Several years ago I started knitting one sweater a year for the Guideposts program of supplying sweaters to cold children all around the world. It was always fun to think and pray for whoever the child might be who wore my sweater. Two years ago I had breast cancer and that year I couldn’t make a sweater. I started knitting hats for bald heads instead! This year I thought along about July that maybe I’d knit another sweater before Christmas. But I also felt compelled to make little knitted slippers for my three young grandchildren and my five great grandchildren. Along about December 15 I realized there was no way I would make the Guideposts sweater. I did finish the little shoes.

Two days ago I received a piece of mail from World Vision saying they are now in charge of the sweater project, though still in cooperation with Guideposts. And they said we knitters are welcome to send sweaters any time of the year, not just at Christmas! After all, there are parts of the world that are very cold while we’re having summer!

So I have begun my “Guideposts” sweater and am thrilled to be a part of this project again! If you would like to be a part also of Knit for Kids, go online at www.worldvision.org/knitforkids and you’ll find instructions and encouragement! The sweaters are not hard at all to make and you may choose bright fun colors with which to knit! And you can pray for the child while you knit! You will most certainly be blessed!

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