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Smile! Make People Wonder!

We’re moving this weekend. Really, we’re moving every day and have been for weeks. When have I not been packing and unpacking boxes? No wonder I was talking in my sleep about the curtains hanging upside down and no surprise that when I woke up my husband was shaking me and telling me to get a grip, that the bear coming after me was only him coming back from the bathroom. I always get like this when things are in disorder.

But several things have happened today that have given me a good laugh. And if you’re not too tired to laugh, you’re all right. So–here’s one of my laughs. I was on my way back to house #2 having emptied ten boxes when I realized my thirst was completely out of hand and that I was so tired I needed a cemetery break. Wait a minute, now that’s not the laugh! I have always felt rested after a fifteen minute visit to Cairo’s old cemetery where I can reconnect with God and myself. So I drove through Burger King, purchased a coke and parked in a wonderfully shady place under some magnolia trees. I put down the windows to enjoy the refreshing breeze, whispered a prayer for strength, sipped my coke, then suddenly was powerfully drowsy. So I put back my seat and went to sleep. Well, first I stuck my purse under my feet so no one would reach in and take my identity. I was sleeping so well when a terrific shout made me fly up and almost crack my skull on the windshield. A handsome young black high school student only feet away was laughing out loud. “You scared me nearly to death!” I said and then began to laugh with him. He went on his way without another word. I was relieved he was only making me laugh, not trying to tip my car over.

I also had a really healthy smile over the crossing guard lady. I hadn’t driven that way in a while and it always does my heart so much good to see how she handles herself on that crossing, the one by the high school. She moves with as much grace as a ballet dancer and makes every driver feel very confident and encouraged–well, this driver anyway!

Then I arrived at house #1 ready to pack more boxes. This house is now beginning to have echoes while house #2 is losing its hollow atmosphere and becoming very much like home. I packed for a while, then decided to turn on my computer. The computer has to move in the morning and I thought I’d better see if there were anything I should see before who-knows-what happens. My stomach knots up at the thought of having all those wires undone and reconnected properly. It’s almost as bad as major surgery! Well, there was a message for me from Cathy at the library asking me to post a poster on all my social media opportunities. She’s doing a reception for authors at the library next Tuesday and has invited me to participate, me and my little book “One Brown Cow.” One more smile, sort of a panicky one. I don’t know how to do all these things that are so simple and cool for everyone else. So–I e-mailed Eric. Eric, I hope you’re reading this and that you can help me post!

And, by the way, all of you who live in Grady County, please come to the reception at Roddenbery Memorial Library Tuesday, April 15 at 6:00. There will be something like 22 authors on hand to greet you and enjoy a good smile. And I plan to be there if my brain is still functioning well enough so I can find my way!. I’ll be all moved in to house #2 by then, even my computer, I hope!

Apologies for publishing this, unedited!

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