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It’s All About Life

Sometimes several slices of life happen within a few hours. For instance, this weekend was like that, a celebration of life in different stages—birth, death, and some in between. See if you agree.

When we watched and listened to President Trump speaking so forcefully at the Pro Life gathering in Washington we wished he could hear us clapping at the breakfast table in our kitchen. Millions of babies have been sacrificed on the altar of selfishness and women’s rights but now the tide is turning. The cause for Babies’ right to life has a host of strong advocates including the President.

That was Friday.

On Saturday Charles D went to Home Depot with the two of us and helped us pick out new LED lights for the kitchen as well as a pretty new chandelier for the breakfast room. Then he installed all of those with his Grandaddy being the helper. At one point Charles D was trying to connect the chandelier but having difficulty because of the weight of the thing. When he realized Grandaddy was having trouble holding it high enough, he said he’d hold it and he’d tell Grandaddy how to connect—a thoughtful act noticed by his Nana.

Now. What does the chandelier installation have to do with the celebration of life? Two things. First, Charles D would not be alive to learn to be an electrician if his adopted mother had been aborted instead of given up for adoption. We would not have had the joy of being her parents or grandparents of CharlesD and his sister Amanda, who now has two children of her own. Second, it was really exciting having new lights put in! We were in a spirit of celebration as we went to Maryland Fried Chicken for supper.

When we came home, we turned on the gas logs, Charles read to me from our Rick Bragg book, and I knitted on a little blue hat. The hat is for a great great nephew about to be born in California to David and Grace Tassa. How exciting is that!

On Sunday, Sanctity of Life Sunday, we studied Psalm 139 in Bible study. It was my privilege to teach one small group of ladies. The main point was that each of us, each human life, is “remarkably and wonderfully made.” In church we were touched by the strong testimony of a graduate student in international business who was adopted at birth by one of our families. Annie Ross and her parents, Kevin and Rachelle, are living proof that God works in mysterious ways. Annie quoted some shocking statistics and eloquently praised God that she was given life.

Sunday afternoon saw us grieving at the funeral of one of our older members. Mary Ellen died at the age of 87 on her birthday. We knew she was a Christian so, as our pastor Chris Allen reminded us, we didn’t mourn as do those without hope. We know where Mary Ellen is.

Also Sunday afternoon, our youngest great grandson, Kaison, celebrated his fifth birthday with a party at the skating rink. All the cake and friends, fun and gifts were great but the best thing to him is that now he can hold up one hand and count off all fingers and thumb in giving his age.

Today we had two mighty water oaks cut down because they were rotten inside making them a hazard. It was quite a show watching the operation. There were about five men on the job all day cutting limbs and roping them down, cleaning the debris, etc. I hated to see the trees go because I do love big old oaks. But it was very interesting to watch the men working as a team to take them down with very little scarring of our yard. Thomas Tree Service is very careful and thorough. As Charles and I surveyed the cleared space, he said with anticipation, “I could plant a garden here.”

Do you agree we’ve seen a lot of Life the last few days? What’s been happening at your house?

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