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Released October, 2019 by Brenda Knight Graham, Illustrated by Christina A. Graham

Christmas Carols in my Heart will help you find the Christmas carols in your heart!

Brenda Knight Graham tells some of her stories of Christmas as a child, a mother, a grandmother and great grandmother. She invites you to write your own stories in this unique interactive Christmas journal. You will find yourself sometimes choked with emotion, other times erupting in laughter. But always the joy will shine through.

Available at, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million. Ask for it at your favorite bookstore.



                             The original Stone Gables in hardcover by Broadman.

Brenda Knight Graham has entertained audiences of both adults and children with her romances, adventure stories, and non-fiction. Brenda, born in 1942 near Clarkesville, Georgia, moved to Cairo, Georgia in 1968 where she and her husband Charles, a veterinarian, still live. They have two children and five grandchildren as well as two great-grandchildren.
Though seven of Brenda’s books have been published, the newest one, One Brown Cow, is her only full color children’s picture book. The story idea of the lonely little girl and a lonely cow was inspired by her grandson Charles Douglas who lives with the Grahams.
Works by Brenda include her most popular Stone Gables, first published in 1978, then in illustrated edition in 1995, a non-fiction work;The Patterson Series, novels for children; and inspirational romances: Juliana of Clover Hill; On Wings of Song; and Her Name Was Rebekah.
The Grahams raise goats and sheep as well as tending their very small citrus grove. Brenda enjoys making jams, jellies, and kumquat marmalade to give away at Christmas.


Illustrated edition published in 1995 by Pilot Books

“…a place where trees grew tall and wild animals wandered freely. We even heard a wildcat screaming in the meadow one night. I stood at the open oriel windows and shivered at the sound. Pinedale was a dream come true, where ten children could grow up in close communion with nature. There was always a tree to hide behind if one’s feelings were terribly hurt. There was room for each of us to have a secret hiding place, and there were enough of us that we could always find someone to share a secret with. …the place where people cared about you just as you were.”


Kim is a lonely six-year-old. Her parents are both in the military, so she lives with her grandma, Nana, while they’re away. Kim loves Nana, but sometimes she feels sad and alone. She misses her old friends and her parents. Then she discovers a lonely cow. Her friendship with the cow and the cow’s owner Mr. Braden, a lonely man in a nearby nursing home, changes everything.


A stunning girl on the brink of womanhood–and the gifted artist who would paint her. One stands at the verge of discoveries about life, about love, about faith; the other, at the brink of enchantment with an innocence and beauty younger than himself. Theirs is a love destined to blossom. But between them stands an outraged family, unconvinced of the honorable intentions of an older man.


The Ageless Love series by Zondervan combines the finest in historical romance literature with unparalleled value. Journey to days gone by–to the golden glow of another time, where hearts flame with emboldening faith and triumphant love. This volume of four novels includes Brenda Knight Graham’s “Juliana of Clover Hill.”


Feel the warm breezes–coming down from the mountains and across small-town back porches–as you meet four couples trying to make romance work amidst the challenges of modern living. In this volume by Barbour Publishers you will find Brenda Knight Graham’s “On Wings of Song.”


Rebekah believes her husband married her for her name–that Rebekah went with his Isaac as a crazy sign from God. Now she regrets saying “I do” and wants only to reclaim her family’s property from the bankers.

At the time, marriage seemed better than homelessness. But now, as the wife of a traveling dentist who treats her like a guest in his wagon house, she longs for something more. Rebekah would do almost anything to regain her former life.

Isaac Aden Robards lives his life to serve God and His people. He wants Rebekah to return his affection and to know his Lord. But will she stay long enough to do either? Or will her obsession with “home” destroy her chances for real love?


These stories are adventures for children grades four through eight. They will relate to the episodes where four Patterson children from the city try to convince their mother to move permanently, rescue a runaway in their back woods, and desperately try to save their dear friend, the Goat Man. Included in this series: The Pattersons at Turkey Hill House, The Pattersons and the Mysterious Airplane, and The Pattersons and the Goat Man.

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