Sweet Potato Saga

Remember the sweet potato vines I wrote about a few weeks ago? All summer we’ve watched them with great interest. Charles has faithfully watered them and they have flourished beautifully. They have snaked out on the lawn, climbed a nearby pine tree, and sent graceful shoots out into the nandina bushes, not to mention completely covering the big old rusty saw blade. Charles, seeing their energy, said maybe they weren’t sweet potatoes. Maybe they were cudzu!

We both wondered what was going on under the vines. Were there any potatoes down there? It was so quiet. No sounds of activity, just a few more inches of silent growth every day.

Last week Charles and Kaison decided to dig up one hill and see what was there. It was a challenge even to figure out the center of each hill, so thick with vines they were. But they found one and dug up several potatoes, one of which was the biggest sweet potato I’ve ever seen. It took two hours at 425 to bake the thing! But it was wonderfully tasty. Now we knew they were ready. It was time to unearth the whole patch and see how many potatoes the six plants produced.

As Charles pulled the vines out of the bushes, unwound them from the bird house post and the pine tree, we were amazed and amused at the length of them. Charles was curious enough to fetch a measuring tape and measured one vine to be 23 feet long. How did they achieve such length? How did they have the ability to wind around a bird house post, a pine tree? How did they ever even get started from that tiny plant?

Underneath those lush vines Charles found thirty-six sweet potatoes of various sizes from very small rat size (they look like rats with a long tail!) to huge like an odd-shaped pumpkin. They’re all that beautiful pink color even with soil clinging to them. I had a ringside seat (a lawn chair!) to watch the show. I thought how pleased and utterly amused Charles’s farmer dad would be to see us having such a party over a few sweet potatoes.

I like to think these sweet potatoes developing so quietly and with such strength and vigor are just one sign among billions and trillions that God is at work when we can’t see and can’t hear. If He created these lush vines that “knew” how to lace themselves all about and these marvelous bumpy red potatoes hidden from view while they grew, I am assured He’s watching over each of us even when He seems to be asleep, even when we are asleep!

He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber. Behold, he that keepeth Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. Psalms 121:3-4


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9 responses to “Sweet Potato Saga

  1. God just so Awesome!
    Great Story, Brenda! I Loved it.

      • I may complain about how can I be made in the image of God? God does not have cerebral palsy and have the same problems I have. But then I realize how many challenges I have overcome already. And how, with God’s help, I will overcome all my aches and pains in my one-and-only “good left arm.” My left arm challenges me every second of every day. Then again, “Judy.” my right arm, named after the puppets “Punch&Judy” by my college best girlfriend aka my attendant, or “helper,” who would help with my personal care. My “Judy” arm, I have come to realize, is my “Child.” I must get on to her for misbehaving 24/7!

        My only wish-or prayer-is that she could agitate around in the air the way she did when I was in college.

  2. Please ask Oaky look up The Twin Towers Go To Sea and post it for me.

  3. Great story and my potatoes were delicious!! I think my brother
    still has a lot of farmer in him.

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