Look to the Skies

My sister often speaks of her love for and fascination with the Florida sky when she lived in Orlando and then Sebring. There the sky was so big because there were fewer tall trees than here where we live in Georgia. But here, too, the sky is fascinating and a daily reminder, I think, that God is still in control.

We’ve just celebrated the birth of Jesus. We were reminded of all the wonderful accounts including the amazing visit of the wise men when Jesus was a child, no longer a baby. Surely those wise men had traveled for months since they first saw the star and knew the Messiah had been born. There’s so much mystery surrounding the wise men. Where exactly in the east did they come from? How did they know about the Messiah? How many wise men were there really, not just assuming by the presentation of three gifts that there were three. Lots of mystery. But this we know. They saw the star and started out. They studied the skies and got a message. They stopped briefly in Jerusalem to inquire and were elated when, again, they saw that unusual star stop above the house where, as they learned, the Messiah, the child Jesus lived. They entered and worshiped Him. God used that star in the sky to lead the wise men to Jesus.

What does He say to us as we look up at the sky, whether a night sky of a million stars, or a wide open blue sky swirled with filmy clouds?

In the craziness of the world around us, there’s the steady consistency of a sky above that only God controls. When I look up, I feel hope, freedom, inspiration. I love to see a blue sky framed by pine and magnolia. I enjoy gray skies, too, a sign that rain will come, that we will have everything we need. Looking up encourages me that, no matter what, God who loves me will always be by my side and that I can be sure better times will come.

I feel very sad for those who cannot see the sky. I think it is a healing therapy just to look up. For those in hospitals and nursing homes, in prisons, and indoor office jobs, I pray that somehow they will be able to see the sky. Even if only a scrap of sky can be seen (as in my picture taken during a hospital stay), it is an encouragement. Corrie ten Boom wrote in The Hiding Place of how comforting it was to her to see the sky, even the smallest patch of blue between buildings. When all around her was ugliness and fear and cruelty, if she could look up at the sky she took courage.

In contemplating the vastness and beauty of the sky, different every season, every day, every hour, I found some intriguing quotations.

Leonardo da Vinci wrote “Once you have tasted the taste of the sky, you will forever look up.”

Some anonymous quotations:

“The sky is an infinite movie to me.”

“Staring at the sky restores your hope and makes you connected to nature.”

“Look up at the sky. There is a light, a beauty up there, that no shadow can touch.”

The sky may be solid blue like the proverbial robin’s egg or decorated with fluffy soft clouds. It may be pierced by streaks of vapor from silver jets. It may be filled with spires and towers of cities or framed by brittle bare boughs. It may look like a seascape above us or simply a backdrop for the beautiful hawks, high flying eagles, and evening swallows. Whatever sky it is, a dark night sky displaying moon and stars, sunny or stormy skies, rainbow skies, be reminded of the greatness of God. Take a deep breath and worship Him. Find the peace and security He can give to every believer.


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2 responses to “Look to the Skies

  1. Revonda Barwick

    thank you Lord for the beautiful sky & thank you Brenda for reminding
    us how much it means to each of us!!

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