Pink Rain/Blustery Wind


The day after the storm–all blue skies and pink petals still clinging!

Charles looked out the breakfast room window and said, “It’s raining pink petals.”

The Japanese magnolias were dropping petals in showers as the wind picked up. You probably know the wind I’m referring to. The storm, Thursday, February 6, brought rain, wind and snow to a large portion of our country. It affected nearly all the lower 48 in some way or other.

I know the wind causes harm to so many. I ache for those who suffered from the brutal tornadoes and flooding rains. But I do love to hear blustery winter wind chasing itself around corners of the house, whining in the pines, roaring like a lion on the warpath, then dying down to a hum.

Since I have no control over the weather (thank You, Lord!) I simply intend to enjoy it.

So the day of the storm I got out my knitting and my book, turned on the gas logs, put a load of clothes in to wash so I’d seem a little less lazy–and settled in. Soaking and then cooking a pot of dry lima beans added to the coziness of the “inside day”.

The wind kept the chimes tinkling all day long. At times the rain came down in torrents. I kept my television on the weather channel so I’d be aware if a tornado were coming. If the siren went off downtown I’d go to my safe place with pillows and blanket. Otherwise, I’d keep track of how the storm was hitting other parts of the country, I’d watch the sheets of gray cold rain and be glad I wasn’t trying to herd a flock of sheep to safety.

I was glad to know our grandchildren were out of school because of the threat of tornadoes. Aside from being glad they were safe, I was just glad for them to have a holiday. There’s something very special about a weather holiday, definitely a gift out of season. Of course parents might not be so happy!

Whenever the storm abated even for a few minutes, birds flocked to the feeders. Poor little guys, I guess they get mighty hungry when the wind and rain comes on strong. And where do they find refuge to hide from the storm?

Charles came in for lunch and reported he had been so busy treating animals for various maladies, he hadn’t had time to see what was going on outside. But he had heard the pounding rain. We heard from Will that Birmingham had areas of flooding. We were thankful that he and his family, though they’d spent a large portion of the night in their basement, were now safe. Our folks in north Georgia were safe, just dealing with rain, rain, and more rain.

All afternoon the rain came down and the wind was like an angry witch who just couldn’t throw a strong enough tantrum. Our thick bamboo barrier along the driveway looked at times like a huge green ocean wave, at others reminded me of a swaying, whipping curtain. When the wind subsided between fits, I could hear the German shepherds next door barking and baying at the storm. They don’t even like regular calm rainy days, much less such stormy ones.

For supper the lima beans tasted so good along with baked chicken, sweet potatoes and turnip greens. The chimes were still frantically ringing. The cats curled into their cozy comfort spots. Bird feeders swayed in the wind, no birds brave enough to fight the weather any longer.

Into the night the wind still roared in fits of unrest. But by morning all was calm. I looked out, dreading to see the Japanese magnolias stripped of their blooms but was cheered to see them still clad in pink, though the ground at their feet and across the lawn was also carpeted in pink. The bamboo was strong and sturdy. No trees had fallen. All was well.

The sun came out strong as if to say, “Did you have a nice day of darkness? Never fear, I’m back!”

Saturday my sister in north Georgia sent me pictures of their beautiful snow–horses in a field of white, branches with tiny snow drifts on them, jonquil blooms half buried in freezing fluff, and the Dovers’ log house surrounded by white right up the porch steps. They had rain the day we did, then a day of sunshine, then an all day snow-fall accompanied by freezing temperatures.

I’m reminded of the little song we used to sing: “We’ll weather the weather whatever the weather whether we like it or not.”

He has made everything beautiful in his time…  Ecclesiastes 3:11

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