Kumquat Harvest!

It was a wintry 42 degrees yesterday afternoon, windy and sunny. The temp was to drop to low 20’s, it was predicted. Time to harvest the kumquats from our one four-foot productive little tree. My grandson and I clipped and picked two grocery bags full and brought them to the kitchen sink. I washed them, halved them, and seeded them, then pureed them in a blender. We had given many away during the Christmas season, but still froze enough for two batches of kumquat marmalade (about 16 half-pints) and have enough left to cook some interesting recipes, like kumquat cake and refrigerator kumquat pie. We left enough on the tree that we may still eat as we go by if they’re not frozen.

The little kumquat tree has been so merry and bright all fall as the round, tart yet almost sweet, globes ripened. Now it is stripped (almost!) but in just a few weeks, couple of months, it will be blooming again! Such a busy little tree!

I feel refreshed and blessed by the growth, productivity, and beauty of this little kumquat tree! And I will so enjoy making the marmalade and other citrus delights!

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