Scribbling Nana

I introduced myself to you earlier but maybe I should add a few details. I’m one of ten siblings who grew up in northeast Georgia between 1924 and late ’50’s (my oldest brother went to college the month I was born and we have one sister younger than I). I wrote about our escapades in my first book Stone Gables published by Broadman in 1978, one of the biggest thrills of my life. I’ve had seven other books published but that one was the absolute most exciting, the Cinderella dream come true victory in publishing!

Aside from writing novels, short articles, and poetry, I love to knit, am a pretty good Scrabble player, enjoy making jellies and jams from fruit my husband and I grow, and, of course, I’m wild about playing with my grandchildren–most of the time! We have five grandchildren and now are blessed with five great grandchildren because of our 22-year-old granddaughter who has, not only her two, but her husband’s three as well! 2013 was a growing year for us since she married in October.

I told you in an earlier blog that I’d be telling you some about my grandchildren, some about my husband who is a veterinarian treating large and small animals, and that you’d hear from my cooking side, and you’d hear from my spiritual side. Basically, I want to give you one devotional a week, one wild and free blog each week, and one of cooking tips or knitting ideas. I am not a gourmet cook, just a southern cook who loves to do right by her family (but breaks the rules some too!)

My purpose for writing a blog is simply to connect with those of you God gives me as cyber friends, those who may need a little smile or encouragement, those who enjoy cooking, writing, and knitting.

I’ve signed up with WordPress to learn about blogging this month and this was my first assignment, to introduce myself.

What I didn’t tell you is that I’m 71, have a terrible memory, have a habit of losing at least one Christmas present each year before it’s been given, and too often I can be found by a cozy fire reading a book instead of washing, ironing, or shining mirrors. But occasionally you’ll see me out rounding up errant goats who’ve broken through our fence. Sometimes the police come and help!

Enough about me!

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  1. Well done. I hope you enjoy zero to hero. I enjoyed your blogs. Can’t beat being an active granny.

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